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This clock is made from a solid piece of billet aluminum. The face is a tribute to great cars of the past. I decided to leave out the spaces between the words as a reflection of the dot com language we have all come to know. Fluted sides are used to give the feel of a modern serpentine engine pulley. The face of the clock (as well as the back) is finished with a repeating swirl pattern inspired by the firewall of a Bugatti. This finish gives the clock a three dimensional feel when view from different angles. This finish makes the clock interesting from across the room, then as the viewer approaches and begins to notice the engraved lettering, it gets even more interesting. I find that most people want to study it, and try to find their favorite car in the text. All of my clocks use accurate quartz movements. The dimensions are 13 inches across and 1 1/4 inch thick and the weight is a whopping 15 pounds. 

Price $600.00


I love the triangular shape to this clock. It's reminds me a little of the steep roof of the old cuckoo clocks. The body of this piece is aircraft aluminum and for added interest, is fluted on the face and the sides. Dual Stainless steel pegs reach out from the center at the three and nine position, while a smaller triangle hangs at six. All of my clocks use accurate quartz movements.
Dimensions 8" Wide, 9" Tall, and 1" Thick.
Made from 11 components.
Price $395.00  
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Deco influences are apparent with this clock. I started with a one inch thick piece of black acrylic plastic for the center hub. That hub is fluted on the sides and supported by twelve polished pins. These pins are bolted to a brass ring at the base of the clock. The brass ring has twelve angled legs reaching back for the face, that are the just the right position for the hands of the clock to reach. All of my clocks use accurate quartz movements.
Dimensions 7" Across, 1 1/2" Thick. Made from 51 components.
Price $395.00  
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The name was obvious for this clock. Four swirling Aircraft Aluminum blades rotate out from the center, almost propeller like in their design. These blades give the feeling of a twisting vortex. There are twelve screws visible on the front of the piece, the outermost of these are at the traditional 3-6-9 and 12 positions for this clock. The screws are attached under the blades to twelve pins on the back side of the piece.
Dimensions 11" Across, 1 1/4 Thick.
Made from 29 components.
Price $295.00  
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Custom Clocks anyone?

If you have an idea for a Clock or would like a custom one of a kind Clock made just for you, let me know.  This is how Seattle, the folding Cribbage board came about. 




Shipping on each item is $12.50